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Funny Face Reaction


I love this pic because his face looks funny and it's so adorable!

Posted by chrisbrownfan37


he gonna make this face when he see me his dream girl <3

thats the face he is going to pull when he sees me ahaa ha!

Hot chris!! i luv that face n iluv everythin bout u!! UR mi young love!! keep on goin baby!! i wnt eva stop luvin ya!! IM ALwAYZ BEHIND YA 4eva n eva Xx

Since we ain't 21, they be trying to say it ain't love
'Cause we can't hit the clubs, they be trying to say we too young
I ain't saying that we trying to be grown, I'm just saying that we old enough to know
We got that young love, young love
We lucky 'cause we got that young love

stay tru 2 me boi!!

Kelli xoxox

--i luv him hes great and super sexy omg iluv him
-MzBr3EZy i C yA Mamii-

I really love chris brown

I really love chris brown