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just me i never been to any i ur shows but i love u so much....


YeAh 4 aL YaLl wHo DoNt nO Me, Im ShArOnDa aNd MoSt PeOplE caLL mE rOnDa. Im A VeRy CoOl PeRsoN. i lOvE hAnGiNg Ou wItH mY fAvOrItE couSiN VoNdA aNd AlL My HoMe GuRlZ. i hAvE 5 sIsTaZ ThAt iI LoVe To dEaTh CuZ ThEy dOwn 4 wHaTeVa. I LOvE mY bEStFRiEnDs, YaLl knOw YaLl iZ aNd I AlSo goT gOt MaD LoVE 4 aLl mY HaTeRs. I Am a eaSy pErsOn To GeTaLonG wItH aS LONG AS U DoN't gEt ON mY BaD sIdE.i lOvE HaNgInG oUTSiDe AnD hAvInG FuN. bUt ii AInT WiT aLL tHaT bEeFiN aNd FiGhTiNg. ExSpEcIaLlY oVa a NIgga tHaT AiNt DoInG s*** 4 mE. i dOn't tRiP Of nO fEmAle nor nIgGa cUz ALl Ii NeED Is mYsElF. bUt tHEre Is HiS GuY tHaT i Am sO IN LUv WitH bY THe nAmE Of...U ThoUgHt II Was gOiNg To TeLL U. wElL iSn't It ObViOuS. tHaNx 4 vEiWiNg Mii pAge

Posted by SHARONDA