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Kiss Kiss by Kylah Kerry


I had to draw dis pic wit his sexy lips lol -March 2008

Posted by kylahmonique


OMG!! dis drawin sooo great!!

this pic is amazing, i wish i could draw that good. im a gud drawer but when it comes to real people and there real faces bodies woteva i jus cant do it. Amazing pic tho. Add me as a friend please.

omgg i lovee it.
he looks a bit chink
but oh well its still real good
the shading is amazingg,
the realing look so real.

Da skata girl (Im not hatin im just tellin da truth)

THIS is the best drawing i've ever seen of him great job!


that's the best draw i've seen
u're really good
keep up the good work
oh..and check my drawings too

CB fan forever ever ever <3

dat is a beautiful drawing!!! u r very talented girl!!! if i would have tried to draw him,i would have jacked him up!! lol

~~bribri:peace,love & harmony~~

love you chris!!!

and plz check out my storie KRAZEE LOVE!

i be reppin dat 305,VA,JA,and MS!!!

Now this is wut I call true talent!
I didnt no that wuz a drawing! Grl u got sum major skills! The details r AWESOME! The earrings, the hat, his haircut all too good! And draw sum more pictures, PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!!

U r soooooo good. Thiz drawing iz tha best 1 i have eva seen. Good job. I draw 2 but im working harder soo mi work can look as good as thiz. Keep up tha good work.
[Gurl wen im gone]
Man i worry about u 2 much & wen i mov idk how itz gon b wen u not around. Ima miss u alot, well im glad we got close but it shuldnt hav ben thiz close bcuz im 2 f***n attached.