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ma boo look jus lyk chris


my bf look just like chris act like him dress like him calm down lol
luv u chris n kavan lol

Posted by Msz_Sniik3rzz


Iris N Juan

he looks good.
but not cb .. i think he reminds me of usher(-:
SofieGræsdalHansen (L)

but not cb baby mm mm
Most incredible

omg girl he iz fine i luv dem eyes n lips lol not tryna b hittin on ya man but he fine u cudnt help myself lmao

he dont look like Chris you got a good catch there! hehe!


he's mad cute on a scale of 1-10 i give him a 9

brookiebabii xoxo

big lips pretty eyes
~The gurl everyone wants~

with nice lips...

Da skata girl (Im not hatin im just tellin da truth)

hey chrisbrown

ur cute but u don't look like cb

"i know this world is so cold & deceiving
but i keep my head up like my nose is bleeding"