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Me & C.B Auckland08


best day of my life :)n he smells yummy!

Posted by breezed


que sorte!!
eu gostaria muito que o Chris viesse aqui
no Brasil pra fazer uma turnê
eu quero muito conhecer ele!!

eu amo você Chris!!


hey can you please tell me how you can get to do the meet and greet at his concerts PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! haha i went tohis concert the day after that andi WANT TO GO AAIN! and i will go again hahha xx

Hey i was with you at the Meet and Greet! lol
me and my cousin Wiki?
we were sitting at the bench thingy with you guys!

>>That Us Kina?<<

cute pic!!
21 & still "Glo"N!!

Yea! Wut does he smell like?


what does he smell like?

To Do List:

1. Chris Brown
2. Scooter Smiff
3. Bow Wow
4. Trigga Trey

Please don't hate's just <em>the way it is</em>!!!