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mrz.brown...dha one nd onli #1 fan


iluhv chris and many wld think hes juss sum dude from va who blew up nd got big,but i think of him as an ordinary guy like i met him and we're friends so thats why i call him chris not chris brown but chris its like i kno him personally like ive met him b 4..probably did neva kno who meet in ya life cuz dey cum and go but anyway i am true fan i didnt care wat nobdy said about him when he wuz in da situation wit riri and if dey disrespected him i wld go off and get mad bcuz dats how much i care 4 him as if he wuz mi blood..i have a big binder,a chris binder and i write dwn evry single thing he does i have his shirts my room iz cludderd wit his posters and i write his name on mi clothes,dresser,tv ..u get tha point right so baiscly u can give meh a quiz on him and ill pass it real tlk

Posted by NeverSayyNever