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my cuzzin jay


crazy chris again


He looks so much like bow wow i thought it was him! sooo damn sexy!

u sexi u got nice eyez
u look like a lighter version od bowow!!!!!!!

u r f***in fine n ur eyez r sexy

tell yo cuz to holla at me ;)!!!!!

he looks more like bow wow hes sexy..loving dem eyes


i love ur eyes and u fine but no cb sorry

pce and chicken grease alex R3d B0W

hey u sho iz cute hold old r u i LuV me sum pink lips damn come to my page an talk to me


more lyk bowow

mizz unique princess

u r 2 sexi but ur more of a bow wow
Mz Brown

hes hella cute but i think hes lyke a mix of Breezy And Bow Wow so we gon call him umm..BowBrizzle lol