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My young love

Posted by Mz.Nerdii


I luv u Chris no matter wat and u always sound so sexi. I luv ur music I listen to it every day. I cant wait until ur new album "Graffiti" comes out. I luv dat song "Glow in da dark" and all the other songs u have, Lol.

this pic is so sexii not 2 mention every pic ur in is TOTTALLY SEXii!! I luv yoo so much n wanna meet yoo so badly!!! n i will!! Com bak 2 brisbane so soon!!! Ily n dat wnt eva change ur mi inspiration n dream n ILY SOOOOO MUCH!! u look like a down 2 earth genuine guy!! CHRIS UR A WINNER N SUCCESSFUL 2 ME IN EVERY SinGle ThIng U do boi!! ILY 4EVA!! Ur mi Young lover 4eva!!!

~young love chris~