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I'm still here supporting you Chris I was here in the beginning and I will be here until the end{which will never happen} i love you sooo much and I'm so proud of the work you've done with Graffiti

Posted by T3aM Br33zY BBy


Hey Chris !

iJust joined team breezy yesterday...and iWant to tell you that you have grown 2be a very STRONG & Independent young've come a lonq way..and you kept movinq 4ward wen ALMOST everybody had their back 2wards you!!! iHave always tried my best 2suppport you from the time you first came out in '05 til now !! And i will keep supportinq you nonstop...You really inspire me 2stay stronq and keep my head up..and believe in myself when no one else does :)

#iLove You Chris

I love ur music so much... u r my idol .... Love u <3!!!

I want Chris in Chile :) !

Hey Chris!

Your F.A.M.E concert was off the Chain. Your performances just
keep getting better and better. You are truly "thee best that ever did it". Can hardly wait for our next date. The Prince is knocking at the King of POP's door. Hail !!! to PRINCE BREEZY. Say it with me now.

Number 1 fan

i love his new song fool with you its ssssssssssssooooooooooooo sexy!!!

love you so much chris im sure u were created very early in the morning when god was not yet tired coz u r just so perfect

Hey Chris,

I'm sooo glad you added B'More to your tour. So much so I was two days early trying to purchase our tickets. Thumbs up to you
for keeping the tickets sales afforable for "all" of your fans.
Can't say the same for most. You are the greatest you truly love F.A.M.E and F.A.M.E LOVEs you more. Their are so many young fans,
having their parents purchase your concert tickets.
I know you will exercise the "clean version" of your songs. You
expressed that when you were here with the New Boys.
Can hardly wait and counting down. That's a date we will not miss.

PS:You stole the awards show as you always do..out perform everyone.
You are awesome...Takers 2 here you come....please

Love ,Peace and Happiness

OH How I wish I found that watch!!!!!! :C ME WANT VIP TKTS!!!!!

Chris breezy i love so much i was goin to go to to ur show on the 18 but i dont have the money i am tryin to git it thought by the way i love y so much on my this year i am gitin ur face on my back my mom think my crazy but i dont care love u so much i really hpoe i git to come and see u on the 18 love ur biggest fan De'Shuna bka top diva