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I'm still here supporting you Chris I was here in the beginning and I will be here until the end{which will never happen} i love you sooo much and I'm so proud of the work you've done with Graffiti

Posted by T3aM Br33zY BBy



Chris you are so cute....umh oh yeah and come to az soon we haven't seen yhu in a while since 2007..! and may i be the one to say that concert was awesome, you and bow wow did yall thang!! come back soon


Wassupp Chris iM Just Stopping Love Yuu

Omg I have loved you from since 2005 and I still do. By the Way You definitely killed it for Spring Fest 2011, what a fricking awesome performance. Of course, I was in the VIP area waiting for your performance and the almost 9 hour wait was so worth it. I love your music and your talent.. And I hope God continues to bless you! #teambreezy <3

Hayy Chris!! im your biggest fan!! i have your albums from the first (Chris Brown) to the lastest (F.A.M.E)!! I just stopped by to let you no how much i LOVE you!!
#1 Fan <3

I have a secret luv for you and your music. It is getting pretty deep, I can't get enough of you. YUMMY!!!!

iLoveee YUU Chrissss Just Stopinn By To Sayy Sup ?

OMG..!!! There is Takers2..???!!!
Please tell me yes & make me the happiest girl EVER !!!plz

Chris iDnt Kare What Nobody Says Aboutt Yuu Ur Maa Maa iDle Evenn Doe iMa Girl Yur Sonq Makes Mee Happy Everytime iListen To Them iGet Butterflies iN Maa Stomach Onee Day iMa Bee Famous And iMa Meet Yuu And Ur Gunna Say The Samee iLovee Yuu #teamBrezzy Wrdd

Chris you have a beautiful voice. I will be listening to you when im old and grey whether it be from previous music you put out or current. I havent been this inspired by an artist in a very long time. Your music to me is the type of music that touches me to my soal THANK YOU:)