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I'm still here supporting you Chris I was here in the beginning and I will be here until the end{which will never happen} i love you sooo much and I'm so proud of the work you've done with Graffiti

Posted by T3aM Br33zY BBy


Hi,Chris Breezy!
Your F.A.M.E Cd is "TIGHT" so many top ten songs from one CD and you simply toasted "She Ain't You" You are right on Michael's heels.
He may be the King,but you are the risen "Prince". I want to cast my vote for you for the Bet Awards.I went to 106&Park website but saw no icon to vote. Well, you know I'm going to write to them and personally cast my vote. I vote for your video's everyday. Chris remember to PLEASE BOOK B'MORE as one of your Tour Stops.
PS: can hardly wait for 'Takers 2' You and your brother stole that.

#1 Fan Forever XXX OOO

Chris come to houston tx

HAY Chris i love you for life i know ever thing about you i love you so much

hottest my talented ententainer of our generation=)

lov him

Happy Birthday it's been a long time now I'm sure u don't remember me lol

Happy22th BirthDay I Love You Iam a big fan hope you have a good b-day

i love yur song *Wet the Bed* best song ever =) and yu better not been proposed ta nobody that would ruin my life !! i would be scared forever !! i love yu sooooo much <3

chris brown to me u'r the king of the world i new something was great about u when u first came out with gimme that since then u have been drawing my attention more and more u push me to become a greater singer a better dancer and a perfect me you are the best thing that ever happened to america i love the new album keep it up BIG MONEY MAKER and i hope u come to israel someday and pray that i get a chance to meet u in life ...... #TEEM BREEZY FOR LIFE

Please say it is not so...... You just came back to us.
I know its a lie and there is no truth ,too it. You didn't propose
to someone,did you? You are already married to your fans. Plus you are way to young for all that.You have lots of years ahead of you. Live your life,have fun and get to know Chris the person,the man the entertainer. I am highly upset about that rumor,rumor it is.
I'm not being selfish(not wanting you to have anyone in your life) just would rather you not get all serious about it. You are doing great,why complicate things. I know, I probably sound like your moma
,but moma did say:"there would be days like this my son" Be a man my son,underestand my son that only you can control your happiness,son.
Don't be influence by anyone/ anything listen to your CONSCIENCE..IT KNOWS YOU BETTER THAN ANYONE,EVEN YOURSELF.
Just be careful and think smart. I really and truly care about you as a person and as a son. Don't break my heart

xxx ooo xxx ooo(:>
Your Only #1 fan