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  • happy birthday. I hope you the best. YOLO so please continue to give your best for us. I very appreciate your back to the roots with your music. please continue like that and stay the example that i like.
    PS: excuse my English I'm Cameroonian and I speak French.

  • music is soul

    I'm glad to see that everything is going better for chris and it makes me think that music reflects our soul. I like to listen celebration, I love to listen please do not judge me it soothes me, so thank you chris.
    nb: I prefer with round cheeks. if you want to come in CAMEROON, I'll make you taste my chocolate cake

  • that's my BOO!!!!!!!!!

  • at the end of the day i will hope that somebody luv me like that

  • happy birthay
    feliz cumpleano
    joyeux anniversaire
    i hope you the joyce, the peace, the prosperity, the faith