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  • i watch to this young and amazingly talented boy,which became what is today: chris brown.I witnessed an amazing evolution and I feel honored that I could be part of the six years that is chris brown.but still I miss that boy that I first saw him in the video "Run It".The boy who i fell in love that first moment of the first note played.The dance moves no longer an issue.however he demonstrated us what beautiful and talented man is.

  • funky!!!!!!!!

  • i'm so glad that fame in nr 1!!!!!!!!!good job chris!!!!!!the songs are great!!!!!i luve them oll

  • great.great.great*n time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whay i like chris music?

    i like chris because his music meks me feeel so happy.his music is like a medicine for my isn't like auther artists ho make music just for the money.he meks music for the soul of his fans.i respect his end i wish his luck in the future.god bless chris

  • i think the producer of the ip shold change the cover!it's not mach with the video's shoold be more crazy.but i like it.chris look's good in oll the pictures.kiss

  • the video is so deep and the song it's so sensitive.i love it

  • i whant to participe to this contest but only who leVES in america are the lucky not faire.not only in america are you fans chris.think about it.good luck to oll the participantes of the contest

  • your new video is the best.oll your video are good. but with you is the best.the song is like a medicine of the soul.when i listen the song i feel bUTTERFLY'S in my stomac.bravo.i hope that some day i will meet you.sice then good luck and don't forget you are the best

  • i love this new video.the song is so nice!!!!!!!!!!!i dont have word's to desciaid the video.good job.chris you are the best.pupici=kiss