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    so excited to finally get to see chris live <333 seriously this is going to be the greatest day of my life without a doubt. it's gonna be crazy! slight possibility i might even get to go backstage too...i'd probably burst in to tears on the stop meeting him, ahhhhh <3

  • hands down chris brown is the most beautiful and talented man on this planet. those eyes, those lips, that smile...everything about him is just flawlesss. not to mention he has the most amazing voice and is hands down the best dancer i think i've ever seen. i may just be in love, the things i would do just to meet this man...cant even put it into words <3333333

  • hotttttest nerd ever <33333333 this is the background on my phone right now. i loveeeeeeee chris brown to death!

  • sooooooooo hot when he wears those glasses, i mean...gorgeous no matter what the circumstances are anyway, but still looooooooooove him in them <333333

  • His cypher was amazing! Loved it & him <3