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  • Can't wait i'm so excited. I've been talking about seeing him in concert since last december!!!! it should be a great show :)

  • Great performance! Because of the power outage from hurricane irene i didnt get to watch it live but a friend txted me all the details so i had a pretty good picture in my mind. When i finally saw it for myself, it was even better than i had pictured! awesome job! :)

  • It's in human nature to experiment and Ty new things so why not take a chance what's the worst that could happen?
    It gives him more character and adds a new aspect something different, great decision Chris Blond!

  • Love it! It's so sweet!

  • Congrats i think you deserve it! It's amazing that although all these people will try and put you down you can come out on top, and show them who's on top-say "deuces" to the haters and "lucky me" to yourself. You're a great inspiration, Luv Ya!