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    Chris Brown and Michael Jackson:)
    I like it)))

  • So...I like this video!:) I'm stylist, fashion designer! And I can say! Chris! U correctly tell! I agree with u:) 5+

  • Dance!:) Dance!:) Dance!:) "Let's dance, let's shout! Shake you body down to the ground"

  • Chris! U're cool dance! I want to dance with u!:)Dance with u?:)Chris! I have seen badges with MJ at u! Present to me one?;)

  • Time for parties and celebration, People dancing all night long. Time for presents and exchanging kisses, Time for singing Christmas songs!!! Snow is falling all around me...Children playing having fun. It's the season of love and understanding! Merry Christmas my dear Chris!!!:) Merry Christmas everyone!!!:)

  • I am an artist:) I love to paint graffiti ... Yes yes yes:) I like it!:)
    I like how he does it...he's got very good pictures!I admire that!
    Maybe...Ever...I'll show u Chris, my graffiti:)

    Wow:) I like it:) Very good video:)
    I am looking forward to new video!:)
    Chris...always...beautiful man!:)
    Chipmunk also looking good!:)
    I really like the style of Chris...gorgeous!
    Guys! I think u will agree with me! Chris possesses the most beautiful smile!:)

  • Very nice

  • Good picture!:)

  • I like ur stile:)