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  • Hey Chris!

    Your F.A.M.E concert was off the Chain. Your performances just
    keep getting better and better. You are truly "thee best that ever did it". Can hardly wait for our next date. The Prince is knocking at the King of POP's door. Hail !!! to PRINCE BREEZY. Say it with me now.

    OOO & XXX
    Number 1 fan

  • Hey Chris,

    I'm sooo glad you added B'More to your tour. So much so I was two days early trying to purchase our tickets. Thumbs up to you
    for keeping the tickets sales afforable for "all" of your fans.
    Can't say the same for most. You are the greatest you truly love F.A.M.E and F.A.M.E LOVEs you more. Their are so many young fans,
    having their parents purchase your concert tickets.
    I know you will exercise the "clean version" of your songs. You
    expressed that when you were here with the New Boys.
    Can hardly wait and counting down. That's a date we will not miss.

  • Hi,Chris Breezy!
    Your F.A.M.E Cd is "TIGHT" so many top ten songs from one CD and you simply toasted "She Ain't You" You are right on Michael's heels.
    He may be the King,but you are the risen "Prince". I want to cast my vote for you for the Bet Awards.I went to 106&Park website but saw no icon to vote. Well, you know I'm going to write to them and personally cast my vote. I vote for your video's everyday. Chris remember to PLEASE BOOK B'MORE as one of your Tour Stops.
    PS: can hardly wait for 'Takers 2' You and your brother stole that.

    #1 Fan Forever XXX OOO

  • Chris,Chris,
    Please say it is not so...... You just came back to us.
    I know its a lie and there is no truth ,too it. You didn't propose
    to someone,did you? You are already married to your fans. Plus you are way to young for all that.You have lots of years ahead of you. Live your life,have fun and get to know Chris the person,the man the entertainer. I am highly upset about that rumor,rumor it is.

  • Hey Chris!

    You are "the greatest" I'm so proud of you. #1 WoW!!!!
    Its no surprise because the fans know what you are made of...talent,talent and more talent. We enjoyed your performance
    on Dancing with the Stars. Man, you had the audience and the judges on their feet the entire time for both performances. I was just rolling...
    Keep up the good work. Boy,I'll be sooooo glad when you start your tour.
    Your #2 song on F.A.M.E is Hot,you have all the talent of the 70's and 80's. You can sing anything..your voice is so versatile and can dance ,too. You got it going on.

  • Hey,Chris!

    You have come so far and you are doing so well. You did it your way and F.A.M.E supported you all the way. I'm requesting that you do not agree to the sit in interview with that "R" person. (EXgirl friend)Don't fall for those scams,these talk shows only want to boost their