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  • SO HAPPY CHRIS IS AT IT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOV MY BOO

  • my man is hot and no one can compare to him lol cuz u know its true thats why its funny so dont hate appericeate my man every bit of it b*tch$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris ur were so cool i had went some where close ther we had to pass by Haiti it was very beatiful and so proud we have people helping and suppting Haiti

  • lol i love the song sing like me and the crawl im listening to it now on on demand

  • wacth ill be that girl

  • he lookes so HOT ihope i dont fant when i see him in person xoxo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love this alubm so much omg didnt know chris is so perfect xoxo i love chris but dame all his alubms are good

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    hey wats up so wat thats the new album but all his alubms rock four of them are cool

  • I got all the songs all ready <3 u boo wacth one day every body is going to respect him and over look that inseadent one day and him we love hiim hope u have a concert fast cuz i need to see him in person XOXO love u chris boo

  • congrates boo hope u happy 2 cuz i know u going thur some things