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  • I'm kina mad I didn't get to go to one of Chris's concerts, but I'll get over it. Maybe next time he'll come to louisville. I hope. Well anyways, because of the website I was on started massing up, the storie I was writting isn't on there anymore. Well That's actually, all I have to say. So bye-bye

  • I got his Cd on The first day....I was so happy walking around the store smiling! lol

    It's me Cecilie-renee!

  • Hello

    Hi...Im Cecilierenee...thats my stage name...but my real name is just Cecilie it's pronounced Cess-a-lee! Just to get that stright...Im 15, just turned 15!!!! Well anyway I'm Currently writing a story on ...If you want to you can read it....It called Secret you can check that out and give me a review...please..I would really Like that....and as you can tell...I TALK ALOT...Im trying to finda a Ending point for my blog..but...I can' I crack myself up sometimes!!!!