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    today is July 12, well manila time, and today is the 3rd birthday of my account and i am a member here since July 12 2010 :)
    I'm proud to be a TEAM BREEZY! <3
    i love Chris brown and more powers to you men to make good music <3 i love you so much..

  • A very talented man, he can sing dance etc. what more can i ask for even the other girls who always follow Chris brown, ladies love him he's on his cool J and i am one of the girls who really loves him and i'm proud of it :D


    Its been a years that making good music, and finally another album was released and his followers and lovers were still in update to his new album, breezy fans be proud to be a fan of Chris brown and even if i live here in manila, i don't care! i love Chris brown and i am proud to be the part of team breezy! <3 we shouldn't be ashamed about it we should embrace it! f*** the haters, so annoying,