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  • your magnificent you will win wish i could be there

  • look im listening to your music right now on my ears and to here it go through my head remindes me of you everyday. your my heart my soul my everything ill be in the florida area soon enuff hope to meet you some day up close in personal christopher maurice brown aka chris brown love you and ill be working out its my new yrs resolution plus i have my own personal coach yeah!

  • turn up the music i do love the song turn it up baby have fun wit it yall

  • i try not to judge lol but i think i do judge people if your that ugly that is at least now im able to write to you i missed you so much when you left me when i was 12 or 13 i cryed for hours i was so happy to be talking with this new boi youll always be a boi in my eyes i would have never smacked you im a down ass chick and put up with bulls*** but that doesnt mean i cant do something about it i aint jelous but i do hate cant find out how to vote just yet sooner or later i should good luck next yr good thing you got help take that help hold back or have some one else do your dirt for you pl

  • #1 spot wow world wow christopher you did it baby i knew you were talented i knew you were going to be tall to lol can i ask when are we going to kick it keep going clubbin in florida your soon to meet me if you would like to meet me that is dont be afraid of what everything too tell you a lil bit about me s*** me im gangsta kickin it wit killas everyday but were good people naw mean yeah i got some boyfriends but youll alwayz be my second to number one in my heart but when i see you your number one i gotta do me to naw mean congrats dont judge me love it listened to you since i was 17

  • im new to this whole thing but i can handle this congrats again im bout to be sarcastic i cant believe you made it so big thanks to you manager, friends, fans and exspecially your mom your whole album i had these mad dreams about you when you were in my life before you got a deel i swear im going to see you again hope so goodbye talk to you soon even though were not talking your so hard to get ahold of

  • ashley is my name i have to find out how to vote hopefully i get to it in time ill tell you when to be in miami go there for me please i miss you and love your music ill be watching out for you

  • My name is Ashley ive said that to you before in person This picture makes alot of sense lol im tryna get you to remember you and me back n tha day we touched fingers you called me two weeks in a row you had an extra pair of shoes you were holding up jordans nice college coat you even dipped you foot in the water to see if it was warm enuff while you were looking at me so i say i asked you to go on a ride with me but you said your were busy nothing has changed much except the fact that you did beat up rhianna it's robyn not rhianna somethings just cant be said congradulations on urban charts b

  • i have

  • who has met chris brown

    i would like to know if you have ever in your lifetime met chris brown

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