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    hey chicas i'm gonna write about a girl her name is deria and she goes to essex high school.she isn't what you can call popular she is smart but not a nerd.she is thick in al the right places but wears baggy jeans and hoddies.she's never had sex a boyfriend or a first kiss.she has 4 sisters and she is treated unfairly and disrespected even from her two younger see deria is the middle child and is going to be 17 in two weeks.she is very funny so her only two friends say and her cousin.well they all view deria as shy and quiet but she has a diryu mind literally lol.what they don't k

  • hey tatyana my name is ronderia but you can call me deria.i'm from the bahamas and i just turned 17 may 8th lol.i just came to holla at you girl and do u have msn messenger if you do add me at chica
    ronderia major

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    hey chicas dis ya girl deria lol i don't know what to say lol but if u wanna chat holla at me at

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