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  • Missing Grammy(+pray for mines) , disappoint your mammy, idk smh...

    Truest fans remain confident that God will give Chris an apifamy...about the whole Grammy thing and the entire situation, characters, stories, weird and bizarre places to be photographed at kind of l,ike they love the chase of the pappa's. The mystery the bad couple thing. I get it bikers couple of the year rocking each others world, both highly successful, with sense of fashion that for the most part compliment one another. They are both beautiful yay they could make perfect exotic eyed freckled beauties...we get the picture so what you love each other what's the big deal?

  • Cruising on E(can mean anything), America's Next Top Model.... (is all I Breathe for)marathon on Oxygen

    Today is a day where I realize the depth of my obsession analying down to percision the life of a model, the eloquent handling of the body, and the beauty of a soul. I can feel the connection, the spark like an electrical wire that's broken; down like a busted doll but dressed up in frilly high fashion. I've found looks that work for me, accept all my flaws.