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  • Need runz!!! =[

    Somehow I feel like nobody's reading my stories anymore...=[

  • Imma need yall to run it!!! =]

    Heyyyyyy wassup yall! Just wanted you guys to know dat I've been doin sum fanfiction recently, so...Yeah, read 'em!!! =] If ya don't, oh well, YOUR LOST. But if you do, be sure to run dem! ILY! <3

    "Do me justice, boy"

    "A Vampire Love" {{{MY BEST ONE!}}}

    "I Wanna Be Yours"

    THNX! <3

  • Just got back from the gud old VA...

    Hey guys!!! Yeah this is, like, my first time doin a blog on, I go!!! =]

    Anyway, I've recently taken a vacation wit my family to Virginia, and coolos for me, I got to go visit Tappahonak!!! Yup, that's where my boo Chris was born!! {ILY GOD FOR MAKIN CHRIS!!!!} I've taken sum picts, but if yall wanna c dem, then uve gotta friend me on myspace, cuz that's where they're all posted: <<<<<srry if dat doesn't work, sumtimes myspace can be f*cked up! =[