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  • Chris Brown's Official Voicetones:

    Hey, first off i love Chris Brown. he is my everything<3 and i really realll REALLY NEED to find his official voicetones. As a proud member of TeamBreezy i need his perfect voice being adorably hilarious on my ringtone! so if ANYONE can help me find/download any of the offical voicetones i will be eternally in your debtt!!! mwwahh thankkss<3 #TeamBreezyTilliDie! <3

  • Its the Personification of Perfection.. no other way to put it... he's amazing and so is his music<3 #TEAMBREEZYTILLIDIE;)

  • OMPB that was soo cute! & i need help with that too. so if ANYONE knows where i could find/download his official voicetones that would be AWESOMMEE!! thankkkss<3 #TeamBreezy! <3