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  • I love just love this video Don't wake me up unless Chris i slaying right next to me lol love

  • I can't believe you have your own toy i am so happy for you send us a pic in color of what the toy look like that's been always my dream to make a toy in Tokyo have fun on the June 12 and if you need a date for this just hit me up on Twitter at @Cincinnatig1rl are on here at EXCLVSIVEBREEZY thank you love you and i am so happy for you

  • when i seen Sweet Love i freak want Chris Brown in my bed make me wet the bed now that body is a dream lets get naked lol lol lol in love #teambreezy4life

  • when i seed chris perfromces at the grammys i was scream on the floor crying for hours lol love him outfit so sexy still happy he win a grammy #teambreezy4life

  • ITS okay long as chris is happy with the song im too but i will jus stick to the one with jus chris on it thats jus me glad to see them talk hope he aint to over his head i will be there for chris if they back togivther or not love all your music and u to chris lovvvvvvvvvve u to <3 ;-)

  • thats my song omg new fav video ogm this is my new chris brown song of 2012 so happy the video is out the funest part was at the beinging when chris was drink a bottle on the street so funest u know he dictor this lol i love him and all the video :-) sexy shritless man nobody can top that video try to that why this g1rl is #TEAMBREEZY4LIFE

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  • OMG love that my chris brown win a Grammy we came back #teambreezy im so so so proud of u chris and #teambreezy love CONGRASTS BOO

  • OMG just love strip video so so so happy them girls don't touch my man that's my baby lol #teambreezy check the video plz thx i know u would love it jus like i do ;-)

  • OMG that perfromance was on my brithday Augest 28, 2011 i love my present for chris it was beautful and congrats love u baby love every teambreezy vote for him now thanx chris is thankful for it oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo kiss kiss :-)