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  • Honestly, I have so many likes and dislikes...but most of my likes come from Chris Brown. I can't even say that I have dislikes from my dude, cause I really don't. Most of my dislikes come from reality, and dumb crap that haters post and say. But my comments stay coming from my thoughts and my mouth, so call my crazy cause I am but I've always kept it real with my comments and choices. Also, chapped up choices lead you to crusty lips, so wipe your grin off and stay for real. Eyana loves to chat, but hates to talk crap! L8r!

  • Mannnn....I dont know if Im supposted to do this as a hobby, but my head shrinks every time I see this dude take his shirt off. The same way in a girl fight, a boy would yell out "take your top off!" Thats kind of all I yell out when I see C.Breezy! And a few other things, but that doesnt matter...anyway, my point is that I love C.Breezy too much for me to say what a shame, though there are so many times when I should have said it. So me I say what ya usually dont, and make it sound better!

  • I love the way I get to have a talent that will soon be exposed! Remember my name cuz u will see me very soon! I Luv Chris Brown!

  • The rights we have of seeing him perform are beyond beautiful! That honor of him inviting you on stage, I can't even explain! By they way' I am so close to being up there!

  • I wanna abuse my replay button. Favorite song of 2012. Keep it playing and keep it rockin'. I think I fell in love with Mr.Brown the DJ!