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  • Im super excited, I can't wait for this to release

  • I really like this song.. Liked it from the Mixtape lolz.. yessir!!

  • I love the updates of the site.. except the yellow in the forums is abit harsh on the eyes lolz..

    Im loving the new banner as well with the random CB pics... nice touch!.. all the new info.. the twitter box..

    great update guys/girls


    Harlem xxx

  • this song KILLS IT!!....

    I love this song! and its getting maddd air play..

    good one baby!

  • I love how this sounds.. his true singing ability will definately show on F.A.M.E.. Im so addicted to this snippet.. March 22nd is way too far away!

  • Thanks TeamBreezy for making this happen!
    Congratz baby boy, Tyga, and CBE's newest rapper McCall (is that right?) on the #1

    Time for another new song to climb the charts..
    *ahemz* and yah new mixtape then album!

    <3 Harlem xxx

  • Thanks for finally fixing the sites (late reply) lolz..

    It sucked they were down lolz.. but in a way it was good because in the fanfic section was poppin lol.. look @ the stories and the replied are all in the 300-500 replies range.. so in a way it was good timing because too much new peeps were posting stories and not reading other peoples.

    I still think you need someone in the forums to monitor them every now and then.. in the sense of deleting double ups and stupid peoples threads that need to keep their opinions to themselves.

  • 1st Video: Its awesome how much has been given to support Haiti, after 2 weeks they pulled another person out ALIVE thats so awesome!

    2nd Video: Omqq.. see thats what i like about CB singing LIVE.. how he switches it up and dominates it!!

  • I like this album,
    I feel that alot of reviews on this is affected by an unfair approach..
    especially when it come to all them "higher" reviewers.

    This album was put together really good..
    I think there are only 2 songz that didnt add up for me..

    other then than every track was awesome..

    loving the following

    - Transformer
    - Sing Like Me
    -So Cold
    - Passout
    -Lucky Me
    - I <3
    - Famous Girl
    -What I Do
    -Take My Time
    -Falling Down

    ok so most of the CD but my Fav Fav! is Lucky Me

  • Happy Belated New Years CBW