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  • Rihanna seems hella fake to me.

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  • Okay So...Imma start coming on less

    I'm starting not to like CB so much right now so Imma come on a little less then I do already. By all means, request me and send me mail, but all umma do is add to my storiis (maybe) and answer my mail. But don't expect yo see me on often.
    I luv yall
    Oh P.S. When I get a Myspace, I'm finna add all a ya'll.
    Oh and hit me up:

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  • I stood in front of the mirror and poked my stomach. I'm 16 and I'm 185 lbs. I usually keep to myself and keep my nose in books. I frowned and grabbed my bookbag.
    Me: I'm going mama.
    Mom: Okay Tatiana...have a good day at school.
    Me: If that's even possible.
    Me: I said thanks.
    She gave me a kiss.

  • Don't put that on here. Put it on Fan Fiction...and no offence but that was really bad...sorry.

    R.I.P Chris' Sanity
    We all remember him as the boy who was attracted to women we admired. He lost his sanity along with his good judgement.

  • I think that sounds a little like Hannah Montana. JK. I think That she and Chris (longtime friends) should sing a duet together. And when it gets popular, their lives change. How's that?

  • Hey...Whats up!!!

    Okay, I've been thinking about starting a story for Fan Fiction, but I don't know what to write about. If You have any ideas, can ya let me know. I have writers block. Mkay
    Love, Taurusgurl_516

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  • I just found out you're gonna be in NY for two days...but I'm gonna be there on the first day, singing every word.
    LOVE YA!
    You may now bow down to Princess Naja!!!