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  • Im Me

    I have the model walk
    Im the glamour chick
    that all the boys stop and talk 2
    and I told em that i don't play tricks
    now girl want to confront me
    cause of what they see
    but i told those silly hoes tricks are for kids
    and that they need to stop messing with me
    cause im not like those other girls who
    rather get stitches, then come off as a real ass b****

    but tricks need to know
    that they can't just step up 2 u
    acting alll big, but knowing that
    they are scared inside
    cause when I show out
    they want to go hide
    and if thats what gonna go down
    stop right now

  • look at him and his tall self, and both of yall extra CHEESY! its cute tho.
    ay dis da girl mz_cutie

  • look so happy, and he looks, too cute. I wish that was me!

    ay dis da girl mz_cutie

  • they are too sexy! OMG!

  • Hey Thx For The add...wut u up too?

    dis da girlie....mz_cheesecake..

  • wuzz how ya doing

    dis da girlie....mz_cheesecake..

  • hey girl im just coming thru 2 see how everything is so when u get the chance ...holla back...l8ter.......he does look mighty fine is this picture no doubts and if's about it.
    dis da girlie....mz_cheesecake..

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  • Hey Girl, wuts up

  • Thanks For The Add