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  • Congratulations bruh you deserve it every step of the way ..and may you receive more awards and fortue in the future...

  • This song is sooo great ..... Brown and Bieber sang this song perfectly .. but before they can perfect it they problem had to practice it and get critism from their producers just like anyone else does in the music industry....

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    Man Chris I don't know what to say.... To my opinion, all your albums are great but I think that this album is the brink of your career my bruh..I am 16 years old and I am so inspired to listen to this album especially the techno/pop songs like "all back" or "Beautiful People". I'm listening to it as we speak specifically the song "All Back" because thats my favorite. But I am honored to be on your fan website,because you inspire me to become a singer/songwriter and keep trying and never give up. thanks for your inspiration..