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  • damn baby u look real fly, no lie .dat y we ment 4 each other cuz we both fly,we both sexi, and i gt my ways wit u and dat y i lov u ,cuz ur mii boo and alwayz will b mii boo (smooches ur wife)

  • damn nicca u sexi

  • damn nicca it look u was in a huddle of cat's in hte jungle an du gt ran ova lol hit me up

  • lol,u sorta kind do in a way ,,,,,,bt y u gonna lick ya shoe 4????????

  • hey wat u me nun i jus wnted 2 say u look lik soulja boy and peace out

  • boy u no u need 2 stp bt ur sooo cute u look lik mi nephew he 6 and sooo cute u look lik u 10 bt u could b older ddnt gt me rong

  • u may nt b chris bt u rlips do look soft damn u sexi dan a b****

  • damn u ddnt really look lik him bt u fine az h3ll doe man how old r u hit me up on yahoo at (

  • on mad

    hey baby i understand how u fell and i can understand if u ddnt want 2 tlk bout it.and i kno tha s*** u went throughand i fell u if u want 2 here mre jus say