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  • `All The Nominations ARE fOR lOOOK At ME Now , Thats Not The Only Sonq He Has

  • Theres ANOTHER BET Awards Didn't We Just Have ONE Like Three Months Aqo ,Thats Alot Of Moneey ! It Better Be WORTH It

  • [Verse:]
    You make It hard for me to see somebody else
    I'm calling her your name
    Yea its messed up, cause I'm thinkin 'bout you
    It's your fault babe
    I never wanted us to break up
    No not this way
    But you don't understand it girl
    When she touches me, I'm wishing that they were your hands
    And when I'm with her its only 'bout the sex
    With you I had a bad romance
    And if I could, just trade her in I would
    Cause nobody compares to ya

    I think I better let her go
    Cause I can't leave you alone
    Every day that I'm with her, all I want is you
    I wanna leave but I'm afraid

  • -His Performance Was Classic && never Seen like That Before , ; Naah Watch These Other Niqqas Try To Cope His Stylee & The s*** HE DONE Did Cant Be Done Aqain , REMADE None DAAAT ! #TeaambREZZZY ,

  • -My Mama is ALWAYS On Youtube When I Get Home Watchinq Chris'S Performance! -Iloueed It Yooo :*