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  • Chris, Look At Me Now Is Definetly A Number 1 Hit!!!!!!

  • ALREADY!!!! CHRIS YOU ARE SO BACK!!!! REPRESENT AS YOU ALWAYS DO!!!! SO HAPPY TO SEE MORE OF YOU ON TELEVISION! I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO SEE YOU ON VH1 WITH YOUR OWN REALITY SHOW...CALL IT "LIVING THE LIFE OF CHRIS BREEZY". (This would really give all your devoted FANS & HATERS the real you that is beautiful person inside that most people NEVER get to see...But most importantly how you GIVE BACK to the community..JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT) Can't wait to see the show! YOU GO CHRIS BROWN!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

  • Chris Brown you KILLED IT at the BET AWARDS!!!!! You had a "human moment" and only God can judge you and he Forgives! So keep your head up and now show the world that you have changed to be the Talented Gifted individual that God has Blessed you with. But most important the Kind Gentle Loving Man That You Know You ARE!
    Like you said "Don't Let Us Down We Love You!!!!!!!!!