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  • first off let me say SNL been slipping for not having u on their long time ago! Glad u made it ur performance was AWESOME as always keep me guessing lik u always do! :)

  • Hi breezy keep doin yo thang luv u u are truely a gift from heaven!

  • Yo Yo wht up breezy lovers ! "C.B" is da Sugar Honey Ice Tea! Dats right keep yo head up! U keep doing yo thang! I cant wait til the cd come out and shouts out to angie show yal did yo thang Rotf! :)

  • U can always count on C.Breezy to come out w/ sumthing fresh and catchy! luv it! Aiant no stopping you keep it poppin! Luv u Nephew!

  • I luv the new cd I bought me and my Niece a copy! After we went to your "Fan Appreciation Tour" in ROYAL OAK,MI ! U put on an AWWWESSSSOME Show! U reached down and kissed my niece on her cheek and held her hand! She swore never to wash neither! lol! We luv you! MY favorite top 3 is "I'll Go , So Cold , Fallen Down! God
    Bless your #1 Cougar Fan!

  • wht up wht up Hey lil Breezy This #1 Cougar Fan! just voted for the one and only CHRIS BROWN! GD LUCK! Luv YOU BOYYYYYY! :) AMA GOOOO!