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  • Godmorning,at least for
    Sweden is okey, I guess your never happy were you live and you just wanna live somewere else. But however,sweden is okey,not were I live,becuase everybody is so shallow and so on. But I love Stockholm,as I said before.
    farms,that´s sound so sweet! I don´t live were it´s farming,It´s not so mutch like that in Oskarshamn.

    haha that´s sounds boring,only FOUR boys, omg I woulden´t last a day ;)
    we have many cute boys here,but i dont want any boys I just wanna look at them;)

  • Hey,I have a question for you
    You´ve add a comment on the girl with that clothes on
    you know with the little white skirt and that VERY little shirt on...
    Your comment,what did you mean?
    did you mean that Chris is an easy man how will get
    like girl ho looks like that,ore what?:) hihi



  • How did you get them?
    CB is hot on that :D



  • I love Chris clothes.

  • I love you to Chris !!

  • uuh I like that shirt
    I want that

  • you´r never gonna get him with that dress.

  • You are real cute :) !