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  • awwww he was so cute when chris brown was a teenager but he a grown man now he is still sexy and i saw chris brown in a movie this christmas that is the best movie ever i love it.

  • man chris brown is so god damn good he is the sexiest man in the world i just want to tonch it so damn bad and his voice is si damn sexy too he sing like a angel from the heavens.

  • when i look at chris brown body it make so damn horney
    it look so damn delicious when i see his music video
    nobull s*** i wish that it was me
    it will be good when chris brown was on top on me
    starting kissing, tonching,and having sex
    i will remember this for the rest of my life
    i will be tonching him all over his delicious body
    i will put chocolate sauce, whip cream and stawberry
    all over me and he can lick it off me
    that will feel so delicious and sexy that
    will be the best sex ever.

  • when I listen to nobull s*** it make me so damn horney and i see the music it make me even horner i just love this song it fill with love sex passion i just love it so damn much i wanted have sex with someone chris brown is the hottiest guy and sexy guy ever i want to have sex with chris brown and how it feel that will feel so good start kissing and start having sex with chris brown 4 real.

  • chris brown is so damn sexy guy in the world i mean everything about him is so sexy when is singing on stage when is singing 'take u down','sex',nobull s***,on the radio every single day his songs is so sexy fill of love and passion it turn me on every time i listen to his music it fill of love,sex, and passion it mw so damn horney include his body it really do turn me on like i want to jump on him and start kissing him and start having sex oh that will be so damn good 4 real man i will love it forever.

  • I love when chris brown is sweating so damn good when was on stage.


  • wow who ever draw this picture of chris brown it is so beautiful and great you be a artist one day it look great and beautiful this is the beat picture ever.

  • hello my name is carolyn chanelle carr I 16 years old i live in dayon ohio hey chris brown i know that you went thought so much with rihanna last year for all of the chris brown out there i know what chris brown did was wrong i know that chris brown did community services every single day so please forgive him he is a wonderful man on this earth sent from the heavens by his angels to forgive chris brown you know that I forgive him for all of my heart and I give him my trust we all love him so much and for the haters out htere stop posing videos and comments of beating up that s*** is dead for