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  • hello you!how are you today?take care of you chriis brezzy!good night!i lov3 you very much mister Brown dont forget please!kiss!

  • heeey chris how are you? if you're fine me too!i love your songs chris!you're fabulus and i love you too!good luck to you for everything! im happy of you! you're a veryyyyy good singer aaand dancer and actor mister brezzy!continue! come on to island Reunion on holliday's it's very nice! chris don't forget that i love you more that everything!you're everything my lif3! kiss for you! Mimi

  • hello chris!how are you? i love you!you're a very good singer and dancer and actor.i would like can speak to you.You are my new dream.i give you my facebook profile's it's mimi Brown-perez.please i want simply speak to you please.I often think of you,don't forget.Take care of you.

  • happy birthday chriiis!i lov3 yoO very much don't forget!