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  • i love are the best you just leave me breathless with all these stunts youm perfom!!!! i love you alot keep up the good by your side all the are too great wow im speachless

  • awa baby this is just too good lol and the behind the scenes are great lol ( you make me lough)...ey this song is realy touching whenever i wacth it i just cry... you are a great actor cant wait for your movie boo( the big battle)...much love and respect you are my number ONE

  • i love the song you did with afrojack boo its realy great but i jus wish i cudhave seen you in the video...but you did great with the vocal wow im so proud to be your fan... i love every song of yew ey u drive me crazey mr wrong. but i still love you....i love "touch me" woooooooooooooooh

  • chris i realy love you... i know that people tell you this evry day but im 4 real. i wish there was another way of me telling this but there is not. ive been following you from the beggining and ive loved you ever since, when evry thng went down i was there but i just dont socialise because im at varsity and varsity life is hard... baby im realy disapointed with your work... your musisc is good but your perfomance is really making me sad...your vocal is getting weaker through each perfomance. i realy hope you will fix this problem because people are watching you out there boo...