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  • Hey Boo, wat up? i lov ur website u look sooo sexy n dere oh baby yea r u coming back 4 another concert? if so i wud absolutly lov 2 go and i don't care if the tickets cost alot i am seeing my baby because i want u and i lov u baby i lov it wen u grind 2 take u down that turned me on boy! Oooooh sexy Mmmmmm


  • Hey Babe, i lov ur website! u look sooo sexi u kno wat wud b cool is that i wanna meet u like 4 my b-day or something! i really, really lov u baby and i lov ur music my # 1 song is Take My Time by ur Grafiiti babe u got feaky on that song oh it turns me on! And u turn me on too eveytime i c i n my computer and maybe i can get ur hone # so that i can call u

    Ps: i lov u boo!

    My honey baby child ur gurl Cece!

  • (Screams) OH MY GOSH YEAH! Ooh baby i can't wait u gonna b soo great- like amazin' I'm excited u think i should spread the word? No i shouldn't because people don't like really care about but i do! Of ccouse shoot how u doin? My friend he's a boy and he's 18 and baby he don't care about u and he like u like i do i lov u and i would soo happy 4 u ! Oh

  • Hey, baby! how u doin? I lov ur website! U look soo sexy babe. Baby u r my sweetheart, angel, my sweetie! and all that u can think of i lov u soo much that i look at u on the computer i do that everyday- i mean like every single day and it never gets old! And ur songz r soo good that i lov it and ur songz never ever gets old and i never tired of u i lov u, and i lov u! Whooo baby I LOV U!

    Ps: god bless u and ur sweet Mmmmm!


  • Hey cutie, i lov soo much baby and everytime i cu it just make ma day. Mmmmm whooo. I tell u. U make me smile and ur laugh brings soo much joy 2 ma heart! Oh my fav songz r: I Can Transform Ya, Sing Like Me, Crawl, So Cold, Wat I Do, Take My Time, I.Y.A, Pass Out, Wait, and I'll Go! Oh lov dos songz!

    Ps: I lov u!


  • Oh Daddy u look soo sexy wit ur shirt off keep ur shirt off babe! i want to lick it and do all kinds of stuff 2 u like touch ur body, kiss ur body, and sex u up! Oh Daddy! I lov u and noo wat people say! i still lov u!

    Ps: Come 2 mama! And make me proud!

  • Hey sweetie, I lov u! and ur smile lightness my day and everytime i c u u just brightned up my wheater i'm sad, or down u always make me feel soo much better Oh Baby! I like it wen u smile it. It me smile and don't ever change because i lov u just the way u r! and once again i lov u. And ur laugh oh it just make me laugh too! i want u b happy b strong 4 me!

    Ps: lov u sweetie pie!


  • Oh My Gosh! I'm jelous Oh I'm mad now but not literally- just playing I wish I was her because I would crazy- I mean crazy! Ahhhh I lov u Chris Brown! Yea I wanna hug 2! Not just her & I wanna kiss 4rm u! ooh baby!

  • Oh My God! Stupid Lucky skank won't u back I'm gunna pass out! Oh I'm gunna faint! Oh My God I'm Mad (crying) No I'm jelous I'm gunna cry! and I'm gunna pitch a fit! Grrrrrr I wish I was her because u so sexy hott Ahhhhhh!

    PS: God Bless u sweetie! I lov u

  • Ooooo Baby keep ur shirt off babe because i want 2 touch ur body! & lick it, Kiss it 2! Mmmmmmmmm Sexy u r soooo gorgous honey i lov u and u make me want u & also u make me feel sooo good! U feel sooo good 2 me babe! & Ur sex feel soo good Ooh Whoooo! Babe

    Ps: I lov u sweetheart!

    Ur gurl: Cece!