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  • somethings wrong with this picture1 i dont know who she is but i think i believe it... n i dont want 2: (

  • isnt he a lil qt? he's so adorable! go ahead cutie: )

  • on Mee

    u aint no chris but u sure is sexy!!!lol

  • boy u've got talent talent like no-one else! i luv damage,wall to wall, take you down,with you,you,and of corse...iwanna be!!! i feel like that song really means something. if the pillow that i cried on waz ur chest, i wuldnt hav 2 hesitate! im seriously obsessed with u!

  • ok "omarion_wifey21" u need 2 stop tripn cuz u no dat he aint urs so top tripn. n plz! all the times uve missed? the only times hell b missn is bn in the bed wit me. um hello? he wants 2 take ME down so get it strate!

  • i dont agrree wit da fact that he looks gay but ur rite she betta move her foot or else she wont have 1!

  • im sooo glad duzntlook like him

  • aaawww! u were cute even wen u ere little

  • u should post pictures with u n ur family

  • chris is just 2 sexy!!!!!!!!!