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  • Attention all Chris Brown fans CHRISBROWNWORLD.COM is not the only Chris Brown web site.Just in case you didnt know there is also CHRISBROWN.COM---CHRISBROWNWEB.COM and PLANETCHRISBROWN.COM.Just in case you didnt know now you know.They got all the latest music and news on Chris Brown.So if you havnt seen it go check it out RIGHT NOW!!!

  • I say the graffiti album is the album of the year.

  • out of all the albums that chris brown made this graffiti album is the best.It good that chris rose right back to the top after all the crazy s*** hes been threw.Even though hes so damaged he still picks him self up and preformes for the crowd.GREAT jod chris stay strong this is your number 1 fan nick moya aka nick moyeezie sighning off.