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  • Hello agaiin cbw!....been 4eva since i been on here i grew up n have better things to do now....anyways i was once n might still be the most hated person on this site but idc anymore...i'm no longer depressed n i have changed and grown a lot n a lot of that would not have happened if it wasnt 4 the stuff i experienced thru cbw sooo thank yu! <3 cbw made me better n now its time tew move onnn

    I Will Alwayz Love:
    Nenii <- Mookie!!!
    Sya <- Starr Twin 4eva even though idk wats up with herr
    Asia <- Big Sis
    Dani <-Big Sis (idk where she iz)

  • Wats gudie peeps?

    Waddup ppl, I'm Sami i am the shy, laid back type of person but once you get to kno me you will not stop laughing, n probbly think i am craz *not psycho type* ....

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