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  • but Oh gosh
    Aye Aye Aye
    it's so likie you to ask those questions
    but DRAKE I do have a question for you.
    Why do guys tend to feel like they have to lie to get with a girl? hmmm

    SoMe WoMeN WeRe MaDe
    i LiKe 2 THiNK i WaS CReaTeD
    Fo a SPeaCiaL PuRPoSe
    u KNoW, WaT'S Mo SPeCiaL THaN u, Ya FeeL MeH?
    --i GOT EVERY REASON 2 FEEL LiKE iM THAT b****!--

  • sounds like a great book... i wanna read it but unfortunately i cant give u any ideas because im kinda having writer's block for my own stories. but if i think of something i'll be sure to share it with u

    Imma Superb****
    Cuz I do stupid s***
    But i do it like no other
    c one time i f***ed ya brother
    yea he was a mistake
    but at least i got ate!