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  • The song is amazing. Chris is so versatile. He can turn any style of song into an instant hit! Can't wait til the album drops!!!

  • I really enjoyed Chris' performance. He looked great and sounded even better. "Say it With Me" is one of my favorite songs on the FAME album. All the haters need to realize that he is at the top of his game and it shows in all he is doing!!! I am a huge fan and I plan to continue supporting him.

  • Wow, I just found out that the show is cancelled. Is it really a scheduling problem or was our town just too small and there was not enough tickets sold? You have a lot of fans in small towns, too! It would have been nice to see you come here and show that you care about all of your fans not just those in the bigger areas.

  • I am excited to see the concert. Moline is a small town so I was shocked to find out he was coming. I may be a bit older than some of the other women there, but I'll be there!

  • Chris deserves this. This will let the world know that his past is worth forgetting.

  • Chris' performances were great. He is a true talent!

  • Simply Amazing!!