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  • i love this video im gonna learn the dance watch or "look at me now" lol

  • i will soon im absolutely glad dat i'mma have a chance 2 listen 2 each song thank you CB your music inspires me!!!

  • lol but dat waz random tho!!!

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    i apologize im listenin 2 dis song a lil 2 much imma end up knoing every single lyric beides da chorus soon lol

  • u r soooo lukky best pikk eva!!!

  • F.A.M.E Omgeee ikant wait till i get mine then imma hav da whole collection thnx Chris 4 all your hard work and your dedication 2 your music and art im glad i started trying 2 follow in your foot steps not into "F.A.M.E" but into my work. ps. love your music big fan also Look At me now is the best music video no BS got bumped 2 #2 on my chrts =)

  • i love the fact dat the website change for each album thats really creative!!!

  • wow this is kind of wired kuz i dyed my hair blonde about 2 weeks ago in suppot of the song but now that u did i kinda feel really proud i hope now no 1 thinks i did it after u did but hey who kares!!!!

  • i'm so glad that i wasnt like my cousins nd like forgetting about u kuz of the whole rhianna thing but for me i didnt really care..... im just glad i did kuz actually ur my fav artist out of all these ppl but im glad to say it good 2 see the softer side of u i may know alot but i dnt kno 2 much nd just to say i do graffiti also but only lettering.....