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  • BET Awards

    his performance was dope.the rain in the back,dance moves, everything was hot. Between the Take U Down performance and the BET one idk which was my favorite!!!!

  • 1t was Bananas!!!!!

    the show was crazy, everyone did their thang and my husband,Chris, did his thing of course.And, i D@MN near lost my voice,but it was worth it.

  • 1m s0 pumPeD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tonight im going to see my husband,CB,at the concert.Im real hyped for tonight i cant wait 'til 7:30!!!!

  • An I got a nice jumper!!

    As we all know Chris loves Basketball well that's just another thing we have in common besides drawing and music.Yeah and im 'bout to get dat staring spot for my team. Holla @ ya gurl #50 in der like swimwear

  • Im Not TREY but i cant help but wait either.....

    This Christmas is gonna be BANANAS!!!! Im definitely gonna see dat and more den once ya dig !!!

  • W@T 1 $@Y

    Did i or did i not say dat CB,MY HUSBAND,'S album was gonna be bangin!!! of course it's CB y wouldn't it be? if it wasn't then it wouldn't be CHRIS!!!!!!!!

  • Kiss kiss is on point!!!!!!!!! Wall 2 wall is hot !!!!!!!im really gone buy like 3 copies or maybe more cuz dat album is gonna be hot y? B3cuz its Chr!$ br0wn!!!!!!!!!!1