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  • why did i change the pace.....haerts were never meant to race.....always felt hte need for spaaaace....and now i cant reach your faaaace. BOOTYFULL SONG!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • YESSS! the vid is finally in the UK and weneva it comes on i BLAST IT TO 100 AND MY MAMA GOES APE s***T!!! I DONT CARE I LOVE HIMM !!!!!XX

  • i wud LOVE to be cassie right now :'( awww hes sooo cute i would do anything for hm!!!xxxxxx

  • ^^^lol ye come live in london!! xx

  • i wud die to get that close to him :'( WHEN ARE U COMING TO LONDON!!!!XXXX

  • omg i just want to lick him loool!!!xx

  • i <3 it when he wear stuff like that! he looks so sexilious xxx yummy!!! this is like my fav style of his xxxx o nd btw wat a car!!!!lolxx

  • yummy!!! watdoes his new tattoo say xxx

  • yummalious! i want to squeeze him xx :P