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I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! i love your music and the emotions you put into it your inspire and look of as a role model to everyone. Your music has touched the hearts of many and inspired many greatly and deeply. I love your genre of music and creativity wit it, its like you jsut flow wit it alot of your songs mean so much to me because i can relate to it. The song Dont Judge Me makes me cry everytime when i hear it. Hearing you sing makes me wanna cry sometimes because of the emotion in it and your voice is so beautiful i have listened to you since the song run it came out til now and im 19. I love you and i would love to meet you one of these days at a concert if im lucky. IT WOULD BE THE BEST THING if i did. <333

YOU ARE YOU CUTE AND GORGEOUS chris brown and your a wonderful, amazing and so giftly talented artist who reaches out to and touches the hearts of so many and you definately touch and inspire me in all aspects of life and struggles i have been through,some of your songs i can truly and greatly relate to,because i have had near experiences you are a wonderful artist who is so creative i love your music from the song run it to dont judge me and others i love your albums, hope you go platinum with some records and tracks, i love you so much and i wanna say thanks to what your music has given me and brought me. <333 I REALLY HOPE TO SEE YOU ON TOUR IN BALTIMORE sometime or soon and to meet you in person OMGGG!!! would be the best moment ever for me.

cute true

you really look soooooooo..... good to your videos, specially in "sweet love"

you really look soooooooo..... good to your videos, specially in "sweet love"

I don't wanna fall fall fall fall asleep i don't wanna fall unless im fallin for you!!

OMG You look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good in all your videos!!! You are so creative and i love you so much!!

Love this !!!!

I'm a True fan!!! and i just wan't to Chris Brown to come over to Dominican Republic we LOVE YOU hereee sooo much especially me <3333 :** #TEAMBREEZY for life!!!!!

awww chris cried in that video