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best one ever.......

Amooo a ste Negro Hermozoooo <3

Good Videos My Man.....


OMG im the BIGGEST fan!!! i loved him since i was 6... <3 and i will NEVER stop!!!! my favorite song from him is forever<3 he wrote that song. and right now he is 23 years old and he will be 24 on May 5,2012 <3 fortune came out on June 29,2012 and i got it on the day it came out i got the deluxe edition OFCOURSE!!! it has 19 tracks and i know every word to every song on that CD!!! and i have over 30 posters of him!!! <3 and I cant belive that his b-day is a month after mine!!! anyways i get him i feel like i know him but i dont... every time i see that i see him on like a video, picture,movie or what ever i get butterflies in my stomach my face feels hot my hands start to sweat!!! omg when i first saw the dont judge me video i cried!<3 ok well all im trying to say is that i LOVE Christopher Maurice Brown with ALL my HEART and will NEVER STOP!!!! ohh and im not obsessed!!!! im kust an ENORMUS fan!!! my mom and freinds think that i am obsessed! im NOT OBSESSED!!! oh crap this is a long statment... umm... well i LOVE chris Brown<3 GO TEAM BREEZY<3

Breezy is the best ever !!

da best ever <3



I Love This Man!!!!